My son, Matty

I am the father of an autistic child and I have been actively writing about our experiences in raising our son and providing him all the love and support he needs in a blog I created in July 2009. Our son is very special to us and I always think back to the day he was born when our life changed for the very best. Our son is a precious gift from God and he has given us great joy in our lives. We are so very proud of him and we want to see him live a happy and fulfilling life. He means the world to us and we are very supportive of him. It is truly wonderful when we see our son smile and doing well.

We have seen our son have good days and we have seen him have difficult days just like us. We are always there for him as he goes through those difficult days and we always embrace the good days and take heart in realizing that life has ups and downs and that is the same for autistic children and their families as well. It is every parents wish to see their child doing well and enjoying themselves. We encourage our son to do his very best in all he does and we are very supportive. It is sometimes a challenge to find social outlets for our son and we are working on finding him play dates with his classmates and fun social clubs. In raising an autistic child it is essential to make sacrifices and to make your child the center of your life and universe. It is very important that autistic children have social activities and fun events planned as young and growing children to enable establishing friendships and learning valuable socialization skills which will enable personality development and improved self esteem.

We know that school and outside activities help to shape our son and provide him with the necessary experiences he needs to mature and develop. He is very bright and is considered high functioning with Asperger's syndrome. We have learned a lot about what an autistic child experiences and how they relate to others and see the world around them. It is very difficult for our son to change his normal routine. This is typical of most autistic children who find comfort in things being essentially the same. It seems change is more difficult for an autistic child and they have to be gradually introduced to it.

We always stand united with our son and provide him love and support each and every day and we pray for him always. It is our dream to see our son find true happiness and success in his life. We also wish to see him develop rewarding friendships and develop self confidence and high self esteem. We want our son to strive for all he can in life and achieve great things and be content and always have companionship.

Our son is now starting his growing spurts and he now stands taller than his grandmother and his mother. It is amazing remembering him as a baby and now seeing him growing as a pre-teen boy. It seems the time flies from when he was a baby and when he first started school. Sometimes we try to hold on to that precious time when things seemed much more simpler. We also enjoy this time too because we see our son becoming a young boy with so much promise.

Our son seems to always find comfort in doing things he likes. One of his most favorite things to do is setting up his dominoes. He can spend hours at a time creating amazing domino chains and watch them topple in seconds. To him that is the joy when he completes the stages and sees them all go down as he intended. He also enjoys creating lists and writing on the computer. He also is the author of a blog on called simply Matty's blog and it is wonderful to see him express himself through writing. 

We always encourage our son to dream and he is my inspiration for creating this website in addition to my blog titled "A Father's Love, My Son and Autism". My intention is to provide our personal accounts of our son's experiences as an autistic child and ours as his parents and relevant information on autism and hopefully a means to help our son and others who are autistic and their families who live it everyday. I feel we all learn from each other and by sharing our experiences we can provide insight and gain insight.

Thank you!

Edward D. Iannielli III